Get It Book Club

Every month we will offer our GET IT BOOK CLUB members a selection of at least a dozen titles at remarkably impressive discounted prices.  Huge plus for book-clubbers (you can use your savings on an extra book, or another bottle of wine!) as well as those who just want a great read at a brilliant price.

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The Chalk Man

Paperback Author: C.J Tudor
290.00 (R) 232.00 (R)

Need to Know

Paperback Author: Karen Cleveland
290.00 (R) 261.00 (R)

The Only Story

Paperback Author: Julian Barnes
290.00 (R) 232.00 (R)

White Chrysanthemum

Paperback Author: Mary Lynn Bracht
261.00 (R)


Paperback Author: Leon van Nierop
220.00 (R) 176.00 (R)

Toy Boy

Paperback Author: Leon van Nierop
220.00 (R) 176.00 (R)

Fifty Shades 03: Freed Film Tie-In

Paperback Author: E.L James
180.00 (R) 144.00 (R)

The Thirst

Paperback Author: Jo Nesbo
180.00 (R) 144.00 (R)

No Middle Name: The Complete Collected Jack Reacher Stories

Paperback Author: Lee Child
180.00 (R) 162.00 (R)

Die Lang man sonder skaduwee

Paperback Author: Anoinette Pienaar
260.00 (R) 208.00 (R)

How to Turn Down a Billion Dollars

Paperback Author: Billy Gallagher
340.00 (R) 272.00 (R)

The Land is Ours

Paperback Author: Tembeka Ngcukaitobi
280.00 (R) 224.00 (R)